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  • If you use the Facebook app, I suggest you get Facebook lite. It's better and with the recent allegations against the app that it leaves your phone's microphone all the to listen to conversations(that then translates to relevant advertisements within the app), the Facebook lite is doesn't do this, and is also more battery friendly.

  • I agree, Facebook lite is good enough, basic functions and it's almost the same as the full Facebook app, and it's way more friendly to the RAM and battery. I recommend this facebook lite 100%

  • Oh, I haven't tried Facebook lite yet from what I am reading here it's decent. I hope it isn't as trashy as the older app. The status and online notifications were full of bugs at one point of time. When the old app over complicated things I would just use the browser version since it has been around longer with more users and a lot fewer bugs.

  • Facebook lite is faster and better. I had it once but i removed it because i dont need it. I rarelybuse my Facebook so i thinkbthere is no use add Facebook lite...

  • I have used Facebook app before and it was so awesome back then. Now it's becoming laggy and so annoying.
    I agree with Facebook Lite instead. very smooth and no hassle at all.

  • I am still in awe of the revolution in information travel and communication that Facebook has brought. They way it has connected people and provided socialization is just surreal. I don't think I can function anymore without Facebook now.

  • I honestly don't use Facebook enough to get the app. I will always just log in from my PC. I've heard that it has recently become a bit slow and laggy then it was before.

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