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The best app to watch all the videos that you love. It's so easy to use, to change the options, comment and give likes.
You can easily connect with your favorite youtubers.
This is the link to download YouTube:


  • I agree, this app is a must have. It's great to pass time watching silly videos, plus it's super convenient that a video will just open in the app when someone texts me a link to a video which happens often

  • Yes, I love watching Youtube for Korean drama trailers. Then, I can know whether I should spend my time watching the whole episodes of the K drama or not. In addition, Youtube have a lot of DIY videos which I learn to do from scratch
  • I enjoy watching YouTube, it's basically one of my everyday things to do, really entertaining and time passing if you're bored. YouTube is also the second most used search engine on the internet and this is because seeing something visually is easier to follow or understand than reading an article sometimes.
  • YouTube is form of entertainment, my tome of knowledge, my receipe book, my technician, my fitness coach, my user manual, my adviser and everything else.
  • YouTube is one of the basic apps which everyone should have on their mobile phone. YouTube give you access to watch videos for free and upload your own videos. YouTube has helped me learn several skills and life hacks which I use daily.

    YouTube took it a step further by allowing users monetize their videos and channels, thereby making an extra source of income to users who upload content on their platform. Interesting right?
  • My personal favorite:) I spend about four hours on YouTube daily for various activities. Sometimes I watch videos to learn a skill or sometimes I log in just to catch up on news.
  • YouTube is one of the greatest apps ever invented. I watch a number of interesting videos on it and I often use it to help me study. You can learn almost any on YouTube.
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