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Plants vs Zombies Heroes

We all know the classic Plants vs Zombies game, this time they made a great action/adventure game that I'm sure you'll be obsessed with it. I played it a lot and I'm not bore of it, it has a bit of strategy because you have to make your cards desk to win the game. You can choose if you want to be a Zombie or Plant Hero.
Here the link to download the game:


  • edited July 2017

    Im not into the game. PopCap should have rethink the whole game. Online battle type games are trendy these days. They should have created a new game, not another sequel to PVZ. I had the game for a few days but uninstalled it because its not as fun as PVZ1 and 2. I still have both PVZ just to let everyone know.

  • Have you tried this game Luispas? How did it go? And also, is this online or offline? :D

  • I have tried Plants vs Zombies on PC but I have not played this version.
    Are there any reviews for this game?
    I would give it a try because games about Plants vs Zombies are very interesting.
  • I have also only played this on the PC it is a very great game addictive as well.
    I was going to get the version as well on the Xbox one but just normally plants vs zombies.
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