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Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is an official Facebook client, which will allow us to use the popular social network through a much lighter and more prepared client for little powerful Android terminals and more limited Internet connections.

The first thing that catches the attention of Facebook Lite is that the application occupies about 250 KBs of memory once installed in the terminal. To give us an idea, this means that Facebook Lite occupies more than 100 times less than the normal Facebook application ... retaining all the features it should have.

Apart from this drastic reduction in size, Facebook Lite offers other very interesting advantages for users with poor or limited Internet connections. The application is designed specifically to work in 2G networks, so it will allow us to access our profile and communicate with our friends with hardly data consumption.


  • Facebook Lite is a good approach for the users who use 2G data connections or have a slower internet connection for phones. I prefer using the Facebook app instead of Lite version of Facebook. Only recommended to the people who have slow data connections.

  • I have not started using Facebook Lite yet on my smartphone but since the installation space is so little, I will give it a try. Thanks
  • I never heard of Facebook lite but does sound promising to say the least. I will take a look at it when I am not busy. I just been using Facebook messenger at the moment and Pinterest app. Social media sites are such great resources and also very popular with the public these days.
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