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Opera Mini

Opera Mini is an Internet browser that uses Opera servers to compress web pages and allow us to load them faster, which in turn will save us enough money regarding data rate (if we are using 3G navigation).

While the overall Opera Mini interface is not particularly beautiful or elegant, it makes up for it with great performance and convenience. We can easily zoom in by 'pinching the screen' and we will have several more tactile shortcuts with which to navigate will be more comfortable.

Thanks to the Opera Link service we can synchronize our bookmarks, shortcuts, and general options so that we share them in our desktop and mobile terminal, something beneficial for users who are always on the go.

It is also appreciated that Opera Mini comes with automatic support for social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to this, using them will be much faster. Also, we can download any file without problems and store it in the memory of the terminal.

Opera Mini is an excellent alternative to surf the Internet from an Android terminal. It has everything you need to make it a pleasure and, above all, to make it a fast and smooth experience.


  • Indeed. Opera Mini is such a beautiful browser app to have. I am even using the PC version of it. It's just fast, smooth and so easy to use.

  • I really enjoyed the first Opera browser but unfortunately, it kind of disappeared in Pakistan after that. But now I guess Google Chrome is the champion and beats all others. Also, It's really hard to shift to another browser, or medium once you are accustomed to one already.

  • For mobile devices, I think Opera Mini is the best and the fastest browser over the internet. Even I use it on my phone to surf the internet but for the desktop, i prefer using google chrome. An Even desktop version of Opera Mini is good to use but I'm using google chrome for a long time, so I feel more comfortable with it.

  • Great, powerful, fast, and surprisingly can unlock blocked websites for people in countries with blocked content. I love the boost feature as well, it really does work and boost speeds.
  • I am using Opera Mini, it is really fast and easy to browse websites.
    I chose it because I have some problems when using Chrome or Firefox on my smartphone.
    Anyway, I voted for this browser.
  • Opera Mini is fast because it has little users. Less traffic. It's the same when Google Chrome was introduced to the market.
  • Arguably the best mobile browser for a low to mid-range device. Uses very minimal RAM, and I actually feel that this is way faster than Google Chrome!(Though that's probably because my phone's processor is really slow). I recommend this if you are having troubles with lags and stutters with Google Chrome :smile:
  • The reason why I like Opera mini is that it is fast and really minimizes data consumption. Opera mini is also not an heavy app (just a few megabytes) which explains for it's simplicity in user interface.

    Opera mini sometimes cannot open some websites well, especially websites with animated plug ins and cookies. I think that is part of how it saves data - by blocking the extras.
  • Yeah, that's the one caveat of Opera Mini @Joshmoy . The application doesn't have flash embedded on it! If you want a browser with flash on it readily available, I suggest you go for Dolphin browser.

    Dolphin browser is fast and takes advantage of the flash player your device has. It's quite heavy though but it's certainly not as heavy as Google Chrome.
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