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AppLock is a small tool that will allow us to put a virtual lock on virtually any element of our Android terminal. The basics will be to protect our applications so that nobody can access or uninstall them, but we can also protect photos, videos, and even contacts and messages.

The operation of the application is very simple: the user will have to create an unlock pattern associated with the application that he wants to protect, and from that moment it will be necessary to enter that pattern to use that application. Even if another user tries to uninstall that application, a window with the lock pattern will prevent it.

The best thing about the application is that we can even hide the icon of it, so that no one knows we have it installed and only we can see it by typing a code on the keypad of the phone.

Another interesting feature is the so-called 'Photo Vault,' which will allow us to keep a few photographs in a safe that only we can open.

With this utility you can block or unblock apps based on the time of day, that is, you will have the possibility to assign patterns that make an application to block in the morning and be accessible at night, always depending on the use that Does it and the time and place. In this sense, you can create different profiles to activate or deactivate at a given moment. For example, activate your job profile when you are in the office and do not want any partner to list specific tools, or activate the profile home if you want more freedom.

AppLock is a very interesting tool, thanks to which users can add a layer of security to their terminals. With it, we will never have to worry about leaving the terminal to a friend. Our photos, videos, documents and other apps will be safe.

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