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Plants vs. Zombies 2

edited July 2017 in Games


You are downloading Plants vs. Zombies 2 Latest APK v6.1.1 (254). Play the sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards. Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing ways to protect your brain.



  • I know that PopCap wants to liven things up a bit with this PVZ sequel but i think they have over think everything. I like the game, don't get me wrong, but its not as appealing as the the first one. I cannot actually pinpoint exact thing that bothers me. It just something that I'm used to with PVZ1 that is not in PVZ2. maybe the charisma, i dont know, but glad to see new plants.

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