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ES File Explorer

What is your opinion on ES File Explorer today? I used to have it as an "essential application" after I flash a new ROM to my device. Now the app feels.. scammy? they have integrated a lot of unnecessary stuff in it that it's appeal it used to have is now gone. Was it bought out by the a some company or the original developer simply gave up and nuked it?


  • Well I have always had it on my phone but haven't really used it.

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    I really suggest you change to a better alternative now, ES File Explorer is allegedly known to install adware alongside with the app. If you want a file explorer that does its job right, I suggest you get Solid File Explorer or Root Explorer if you have elevated access. These two apps don't install adware to your device and are better IMO.

  • I stopped using ES file explorer when it got the update that changed everything. The user interface, the themes, everything was changed. I liked the classic ES File Explorer back then.

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    Yes, this is exactly what I did @VIolent_Gale ! One huge update later and the whole interface changed. It all just felt wrong and it looked like it's a crappy version of the real ES File Explorer. I even remember this one time when they added a speed boost thingy, like the what the hell? I wanted a simple file manager not an all in one Clean Master type app devs!
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