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Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal (Calorie Counter) is an application whose main goal is to help us lose weight. It is the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for Android, has the largest food database of all calorie counters, with over 3,000,000 different foods.

The application will allow us to add the foods we eat both manually, looking for their name in the database; Such as using the bar code reader. In this way, we will only have to bring the code to the camera of the terminal, and quickly we will get all your data.

In addition to counting the calories we eat with food, Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal will allow us to target those we consume by exercising. We can point out, for example, that we have ingested a pasta dish of 500 calories, but that we have run for half an hour burning 200 calories.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal is one of the best weight loss applications we can find. Synchronize all our progress with the official Calorie Counter website, and it will allow us to keep a constant record of all our foods.


  • I'm not a fan of calorie counter. If I'm gonna be fit, I to feel good. I don't need fancy couters to tell me if im doing the right thing.
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