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edited July 2017 in Apps
If you are used to walking for a long time a day and want to keep track of the steps you take in total, you can now do it with Pedometer, a tool that realistically calculates our routine movement. Along with the number of steps we take Pedometer also calculates the speed we walk, calories burned, distance traveled and time we walk, which will help us to get an idea of ​the exercise we have done thanks to our walk.

This tool records the daily activity and manages it in weeks and months, giving us a more global view of the activity that we do for long periods of time. All this information is collected in comfortable graphics that will facilitate the viewing and from which we can consult a specific day.

If we want to stop counting the steps simply have to press the stop button, automatically leaving to quantify all the values ​​recorded by Pedometer. All these values ​​will be more reliable how much more data we have introduced in our profile, having to make special emphasis on our age, weight, and height.
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