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QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader (formerly known as 'Scan') is an Android code reader thanks to which we can get information of any QR code that we encounter, and even common bar codes such as UPC, EAN, and ISBN.

In the case of QR codes, if it contains a URL we will be redirected directly to the site, while if it contains information, it will allow us to see it directly from the terminal screen.

For the bar codes, on the contrary, it will collect all the information about the product and will allow us to obtain all the necessary data for, for example, to buy it.

The application has an integrated history that will not only inform us of all the elements that we have scanned over time but will show us on a map the geographical location of these scans.

Of course, to use the application we will need to have a good camera integrated into the mobile phone. Otherwise, we will not be able to analyze anything.

QR Code Reader is a simple but very useful tool, thanks to which we will not be able to resist any code. Getting all the information from a QR or a barcode had never been so comfortable.
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