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Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a very fun racing and platform game in which we will have to try to get as far as we can driving a vehicle, while on the way collect all the coins we find and do some other spectacular maneuver.

The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible. For this, the normal thing will be to put a lot of time behind the wheel without overturning the car and collecting the coins that we can. Now, we can also try to make tricks and special maneuvers when we jump. In this way, we will achieve much more points.

As we play we can improve the performance of the vehicle with the money earned. In this way, we can get to have a real beast of the road to put to test in the five different types of scenery. The Arctic, the countryside, the desert or the moon itself are just a few of them.

Hill Climb Racing is a very entertaining game, reminiscent in some respects to the great Extreme Road Trip. Perfect control and addictive mechanics, amply justify those more than ten million downloads that accumulate.


  • I love to hate this game. I had this game and you don't want to hear me when i play this game. It brings back the child in me that is why i hate the game. I hate my self playing when I'm a kid. Im a sore looser back then hahahaha.
  • Always played this as a time waster when I'm bored or just waiting for something. The cool thing about this game too is that you don't have to be invested in playing it. You can pick it up and play then stop when you want to. It's a simple game like that. What's more, is that you can play it in short outbursts, which makes it a very ideal mobile game and that really made me play the game when I find the time :smiley:
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