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Arcane Legends

Step into an MMO journey and conquer the enemies that step in your way. Arcane Legends is a mobile MMO that has won several awards for its gameplay. You will get to choose between three classes, namely the Rogue, an archer, and master of the dual blades. The rogue is capable of doing massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. The Mage, don't underestimate this little blue fella because it will give you the shock of your life. The mage is a master of Area of Effect damage that can control the pace of the battles while dealing massive damage. The Warrior, the brute strength of the warrior makes him the most durable in the group, the warrior may not do as much damage as the other two classes but it has the ability to heal the entire party and tank through the hardest of mobs, a true frontline battle machine.
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