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Titanium Backup

Anecdotally the best backup app ever invented for Android phones, Titanium Backup is a must-have tool once you have your Android phone rooted. Titanium Backup can backup your games and apps at its current state including all of its data. In an event of a lost phone, an uninstalled application, or a reformatted phone, you can easily restore your apps into its last state, making you lose absolutely nothing in the app. So say goodbye to lost high scores, lost notes, and anything else that is lost, the world's greatest Android backup app is here!


  • I agree, this is totally a must have if you are a power user. Back then when I'm a constant ROM flasher (like everyday I would change the ROM of my phone) I would get annoyed because I would lose my setup from the last ROM. But then someone recommend this to me, and I have never looked back! The app is so great and you can restore the apps you had from the last ROM to the new ROM! It you haven't tried this app yet, I suggest you do.
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