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Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed ​​No Limits is a three-dimensional driving game that continues on the line initiated by 'NFS: Most Wanted' and 'NFS: Underground', offering a game experience perfectly adapted to the touch terminals.

Players will be able to get behind the wheel of some of the world's most impressive real cars, such as the Subaru BRZ, the BMW M4, the McLaren 650, and even the Porsche 911. In addition, and as is being traditional in the franchise, we will find dozens of Different options when it comes to tune up and customize each and every one of the cars of the game.

To perfectly fit the portable medium, Need for Speed ​​No Limits offers much shorter and frantic races than we could find in a video game for desktop consoles or PC. Most races will last around thirty seconds, more than enough time to savor victory or suffer a bitter defeat. In addition, we will find more than 1000 different races set in different circuits.

The default control system of Need for Speed ​​No Limits is quite comfortable: the car will accelerate automatically, and we will have to control the steering direction by pressing each side of the screen. If we slide up, we will activate the nitro.

As is usual in the saga, winning races will provide us with money and reputation. The money will need to stop buying new vehicles and tuning the ones we already have in the garage, while with the reputation we can make our way in the streets.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits is a very good racing game, with an excellent graphical section, a fairly long story mode, and a clean control system.

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