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  • I'm using google chrome since 2010 on My PC and Chrome has many useful features from their own Chrome web store. I can say Chrome and Opera Mini are the very close competitor for mobile device browser. Both platforms for browsing the internet is use…
  • I'm not into mobile gaming that much but I have this game for almost 3 years now. I always play Fruit Ninja whenever I have to kill some time or if I'm traveling somewhere. One of the unique and a very interactive mobile game.
  • As I'm into photography, for me Instagram is one of my favorite apps to share and also discover beautiful pictures all around the world. After Facebook, Instagram is my most used social networking site.
    in Instagram Comment by Jack_Dan July 2017
  • I always use Tumblr for my blog posts and it is one of the best social networking platforms to engage with your audiences. Tumblr always provides some quality content and also organic traffic too.
    in Tumblr Comment by Jack_Dan July 2017
  • Facebook Lite is a good approach for the users who use 2G data connections or have a slower internet connection for phones. I prefer using the Facebook app instead of Lite version of Facebook. Only recommended to the people who have slow data connec…
  • This app is very handy and it has very fast file transfer speed. One of my favorite file transfer app for mobile devices. It has been 3 years I'm using it and I never had any issues with it. Definitely, you need mobile data or a wifi to use it but i…
    in SHAREit Comment by Jack_Dan July 2017
  • WhatsApp is a great mobile app for communication and messaging purposes. I have been using similar apps like Wechat and Viber but I felt WhatsApp is the most convenient and user-friendly mobile app in the market. I love one thing about this app is t…
  • For mobile devices, I think Opera Mini is the best and the fastest browser over the internet. Even I use it on my phone to surf the internet but for the desktop, i prefer using google chrome. An Even desktop version of Opera Mini is good to use but …
    in Opera Mini Comment by Jack_Dan July 2017