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  • Thanks for the link. I had just downloaded the apps and you said it right, it is easy to use, I can save the songs that I like, create new playlists and the sound quality was awesome.
  • I used Instagram to share my photos taken with my smartphone. I love the pictures shared and uploaded by friends and family members to keep us connected and know what is happening around us. Even the Kpop fans ( Korean fans ) are using Instagram to …
  • I love using Tumblr to promote my posts that I had published at Hubpages, Mylot and Literacybase. Tumblr attracted some traffic to my sites and I also follow others at Tumblr, share the posts too. I love the photos used, very humorous and attractive.
    in Tumblr Comment by peachpurple July 2017
  • I had been using Google Chrome since I had my laptop, 10 years already. Before that, I was using IE because that was the only popular used OS at that time besides Ms DOS. One thing I like about chrome is it does not block any sites and it refreshes…
  • I had been using Google translate to do my kid's homework. Since he is studying in a Chinese medium school while I am totally English education, Chinese illiterate, I had to use Google translate to translate Chinese characters into English. Then, I …
  • Yes, I had downloaded and play Fruit Ninja on my smartphone. My son and I enjoyed competing with each other skills and points that we had to download the apps in 2 different phones.
  • Yes, I love watching Youtube for Korean drama trailers. Then, I can know whether I should spend my time watching the whole episodes of the K drama or not. In addition, Youtube have a lot of DIY videos which I learn to do from scratch
    in YouTube Comment by peachpurple July 2017
  • I have not started using Facebook Lite yet on my smartphone but since the installation space is so little, I will give it a try. Thanks
  • Do you know that now school teachers are using Whatsapp to communicate with students' parents daily? My son's teacher had been communicating with me personally at Whatsapp and I must admit that I really rely on this app to "talk" to her . We had bee…