Why You Should Root + Patch Your Device


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Jul 25, 2023
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I'd like to share with you the compelling reasons why rooting and patching your device can be highly advantageous. I believe that in the future, access to the best MODs might be limited to root users. Here are my top reasons for rooting your device:
  1. By rooting your device, you gain the ability to patch it and bypass restrictions or limitations imposed by the system.
  2. You won't encounter the inconvenience of having to uninstall the original game before installing a MOD. Rooting allows you to seamlessly switch between the Playstore version and MODs, enabling you to play legitimately whenever desired.
  3. Rooting ensures that you never lose your savegames, providing peace of mind and convenience.
  4. With a rooted device, you can effortlessly log in with Google+ for various apps and services.
  5. Similarly, you can log in with Facebook without the need to remove the Facebook app, streamlining your experience.
  6. Rooting grants you access to a vast array of MODs, expanding your options for customizing and enhancing apps.
  7. The possibilities become virtually limitless with a rooted device, enabling you to explore and enjoy a plethora of modifications and customizations.
  8. By rooting, you won't find yourself compelled to pay for premium versions of apps, as many of them can be accessed for free through MODs (though, of course, some apps have robust protection measures).
Please keep in mind that some games have implemented root detection. However, there are tools and programs available, such as Magisk, that can help you hide your root status and continue to enjoy the benefits of a rooted device.

Embrace the potential of rooting your device and unlocking a world of possibilities!

Best regards,
APKForums Team

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